Commercial Liner Renovation

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We can replace your liner, coping, patio, straighten bent or bowed walls, smooth out rough or uneven base, leaking pipes, update filtering systems, or whatever is needed to update your pool. Our commercial crews have the know-how and experience to handle any pool situation.

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Commercial renovations for pools


Commercial pool renovations


Natatec Pool Linings is a System that has revolutionized how commercial swimming pools are constructed and renovated. By combining a flexible PVC with a strong inner core of polyester mesh, Natatec is ideal for commercial pool renovation and provides easy maintenance and a virtually indestructible pool surface.


Natatec Watertight, Attractive Surfacing

Natatec is a flexible blanket of PVC with a strong inner core of polyester mesh fabric specifically designed for commercial pool applications. Since its introduction, Natatec has become the preferred method of constructing and renovating almost any type of swimming pool.

Manufactured from specially formulated PVC and reinforced with a high strength polyester mesh core, Natatec is custom-fitted and bonded on-site to provide an attractive, easily maintained, totally watertight, virtually indestructible pool surface.

A diagram of how the pool membrane worksWhat It Does

Natatec membranes dramatically reduce construction and renovation cost, limits maintenance and greatly extends the life span of your pool facility. Because the pool walls or structure are used only for support, Natatec provides a means to renovate event the worst pools. In new construction, simple cost-efficient, non-watertight supporting structures are adequate. Our membrane provides an attractive, flexible, watertight lining inside virtually any supporting structure.

Our system allows you to completely forget about costly, time consuming annual surface maintenance. Sandblasting, chipping, patching, caulking and recoating are eliminated. Renovating old or out-of-commission pools becomes easy. Expensive conventional reconstruction is eliminated because the membrane spans cracks, joints and other defects with its tough, flexible blanket.

Clean, Safe and Sanitary!

The smooth, non-porous surface of our membranes helps prevent the growth of bacteria and algae and makes pool cleaning easy and inexpensive. With our system, gone are the days of acid washing and using other harsh chemicals to clean your pool. The neutral PVC surface does not alter water chemistry like plaster, grout, concrete and other porous surfaces—a constant operational savings. By providing a watertight lining, our membranes reduce the energy and chemical use attributed to water lost through leakage. A Natatec pool maintains its attractive, clean appearance while meeting the strictest health standards and lowering operating costs.

Added Slip Resistant Safety

A Natare exclusive! Our specially designed, embossed, slip-resistant material provides on of the most sure footed surfaces available for pool use. Zero depth areas, wading pools, steps, gutters, aquatic playgrounds, and other wet areas where added security is required are ideal areas to put our embossed slip-resistant material to the test.

A great solution to rehab old poolsNew Solutions to Old Pool Problems

A one-piece, watertight, flexible lining within the pool shell, our system is perfectly suited to renovation applications. Virtually any pool, no matter how old or deteriorated, may be successfully renovated with Natatec Membranes. Moving expansion joints, cracks, spalling concrete, peeling paint, and even structural movement are problems that are solved with Natatec. Our systems respond especially well to the problems commonly associated with aluminum and other metal pools. Corrosion, pitting, staining, and coating failures quickly become forgotten problems. No matter what the structure, the Natatec system provides protection and extends pool life. Our impervious lining isolates the pool structure from damaging pool water.

No Glass in The Pool

Natatec is the solution for repairing fiberglass failure in swimming pools. Fiberglass pool coatings are notorious for cracking and rapid failure. Removing failing fiberglass material in pools can be an expensive endeavor. However, for a fraction of the cost, Natatec can be installed directly over the existing fiberglass surface to create a new safe, worry-free surface. The material is cut-to-fit and welded on-site to insure you of a pool coating that is completely watertight, attractive and long-lasting. Natatec’s flexibility completely eliminates concerns with cracking and delamination.

Ease of Installation

Our installation system allows for a tailored fit for in-ground, on-ground or elevated swimming pools. Previously difficult installations and renovations are made possible. Unlike conventional coatings, Natatec membranes can be installed in almost any weather. The drastic reduction of downtime for installation, make it possible to renovate your pool facility in record time.

Three standard colors for pool membranesThree Standard Eye Catching Colors

Create a beautiful pool that has an amazingly long life with Sky Blue, Caribbean Blue and White. A special Black material is available for racing lanes, targets, custom logos and other pool details. Each color can be shaped, cut and custom-designed to fit your special needs. Custom colors can also be tailored to meet the unique look of your facility.

Large commercial membrane systems for pools

Natatec Membranes Stand the Test of Time

Proven in literally thousands of applications worldwide, PVC membrane systems have been making pools work for more than 25 years! From the Yukon to Fiji and practically everywhere in-between, Natatec membranes stand up to the rigors of commercial and public pool use—we guarantee it!

Fountain Membrane Systems

Natatec Membrane Systems are Not Only for Pools

Anytime you need to keep water where it belongs, think about Natatec. Natatec membranes can easily and cost effectively add years of continuous service to fountains, storage tanks, reflecting pools, man-made lakes and other special situations where water containment or absolute waterproofing is required.

Natatec has a multitude of applications ranging from waste water management and custom tank linings to structure waterproofing.  Natatec can be specially tailored to fit almost any containment or waterproofing application while outlasting practically any other material. It conforms to the supporting structure and retains its elasticity even in low temperatures.