ECO-matic Salt Water Sanitation System

Why salt as a pool sanitizer?

Salt is a naturally occurring substance that is added to your pool creating a mildly salted water that is enjoyable and soft to the touch, it's like swimming in a mineral spa. Davey ECO-matic sanitizers provide the cleanest, most sparkling water, making your pool easier to maintain and pleasant to swim in.

Traditionally, pools have been sanitized by using packaged chlorine which involves certain risks in production, transport, handling and storage. This traditional sanitation process can be greatly improved by using the Davey ECO-matic Electrolytic sanitizing system. This extremely effective and convenient process is based on electrolysis of common salt.

By installing the Davey ECO-matic equipment and the addition of pool salt, you are not only choosing a system that is "green" (environmentally friendly),and you will be creating water that is crystal clear, pure and fresh for the swimmers pure enjoyment! The quality of the indoor pool environment is vastly improved and swimmers typically love the feel of the water and the gentle effect it has on hair, eyes, skin and swimsuits.


  • Large, easy to read digital display and LED indicators
  • Strong and durable, UV stabilized controller enclosure
  • Hinged door protects control panel from the elements
  • Clear cell enclosure for easy maintenance
  • High flow cells designed for simple replacement and rapid pool water turnover


  • Environmentally friendly pool water sanitizing system – uses only natural salt
  • Efficient & economical system – low power consumption
  • Produces sparkling clear, safe pool water – no odors or irritation to eyes and skin
  • Low maintenance, convenient, automated unit
  • User-friendly controls – simple to set and operate
  • Easy to read indicators
  • No handling or storing of chlorine

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