Commerical Pool Services - ABC Pool & Spa Center - Lewiston, Maine

Offering Complete Commercial Pool & Spa Maintenance

Maintenance of a commercial pool or spa places greater demands well beyond that of a residential pool. Constant usage, strict state regulations or standards and the need to be 100% operational at all times are just a few differences.

ABC Pool & Spa Center is the leader in commercial swimming pool and spa maintenance. We have been proudly serving our Commercial Pool clients in the Southern & Central Maine area since 1962. Some of our clients include ski resorts, hotels, condo associations, physical therapy and fitness centers, hospitals and property management companies.

Offering a professional and knowledgeable staff along with providing expert service is what matters most. Our staff has a combined knowledge of over 150 yrs in pool service to insure our Commercial clients receive the best service available. Our friendly sales and service staff are there to make sure all your questions are answered. ABC Pool & Spa Center is family owned and operated and CPO certified.

Commercial Pool Cleaning Services

As a commercial pool owner and operator, you'll want to be certain that the water your customers and patrons swim in is safe and clean. Ensuring the safety and beauty of your pool along with maintaining the pool equipment regularly to keep it in optimum working order. ABC Pool & Spa Center offers flexible pool service plans and maintenance options to meet any size company's needs and budget.

Our Commercial Services:

Liner Renovation | Commercial Blu Chlorine Generators | Commercial Pool Care

Major Renovations
Equipment Replacement/Repairs
Pool Covers
Filter Systems
Dive Stands and Boards
Starting Blocks
Tile Replacement and Repair
Water Slides and Water Features
Pump Systems
Equipment Sales/Repairs
State Health Code Compliance
Coping Replacement/Repair
Underwater Leak Detection and Repairs
Handrails, Ladders Replacement/Repair
Pool Lights/Fixtures Replacement/Repairs
Acid/Power Washing
Skimmer Replacement/Repair
Depth Markers/No Diving
Sets Leak Detection
Crack Repair
Epoxy Injection
Drain and Clean

Current Commercial Clients Include:

Hampton Inn - Freeport

Fall Line Condo Association

Locke Mountain Condo Association

Holiday Inn Express - Freeport

Huber Associates

North Peak Condo Association

White Cap Condo Association

The Health Club

Unlike residential swimming pools, commercial pools and spas demand proper maintenance and regular service. Call us at 1-800-244-0858 for more information on maintaining your commercial pool and spa.